Thermal Spray Coatings

The Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. thermal spray process is the most effective way to apply metallized coatings

Onsite Thermal Spray Services

Our thermal spray coating service produces surface coating solutions which extend the life of components within the oil & gas, petrochemical, utilities and infrastructure industries.

Industry Leaders in Metalized Coatings to Increase Component Life

PPC offers cost effective solutions to increase protection against extreme corrosion or wear environments.

Thermal spray coatings (sometimes referred to as “metallizing”, “metallized coatings” or “spray welding”) are a family of coating processes that apply metallic (or occasionally non-metallic) materials to components requiring protection. Molten droplets of metal are propelled toward the surface, building up fine layers of the coating until the desired thickness is achieved.

Thermal spray coatings differ from traditional coatings (paints, epoxies etc) in that they offer higher temperature resistance, superior corrosion and wear resistance, and a longer life. Coating materials can be selected for extreme industrial environments, atmospheric corrosion, or for purely decorative reasons.

Thermal spray coatings may be applied in the shop using manual or automated processes, or manually in the field. Smaller components that can easily transported are coated within our shop facilities, and may be placed in our automated cells if appropriate. Larger components/structures may be coated in our shops, within your facility, or even at the end-user/client site.

Paragon Protective Coatings Ltd. chosen thermal spray processes offer;

  • high alloy deposition rates,
  • high-density (no through porosity) coatings,
  • tailored coating thicknesses (0.005” to 0.040”),
  • mechanical bonds,
  • exceptional coating reproducibility,
  • inside diameter (ID) capability,
  • flexibility for application in the field/on-site.

These process characteristics, and a diverse range of coating materials, make Paragon Protective Coatings Ltd. a leading force in the on-site thermal spray coating market. We offer a single-source solution for your industrial, infrastructure, or architectural coating needs.

PPC’s strategic selection of metalizing equipment and materials, high-quality workmanship, and skilled supervision ensure thermal spray project safety, quality, cost, and schedule objectives are met.

Petro Chemical

Petrochemical Industry

  • Amine Regen Towers, HPContractors
  • Knock Out Drums, Separators and Reboilers
  • Solvent Recovery Units
  • Sulfur Condensers
  • Waste Heat Boiler Tubesheets
  • Gutermuth Shells
  • Sulfur Burner Tips
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Flare Stacks
  • CUI
  • CUFP
Coal Fired

Coal Fired Utilities

  • Waterwall, Superheater & Reheater Tubes
  • Tubeshields
  • I.D. Fans and Housings
Industrial Components

Infrastructure Components

  • Abutment Caps, Pier Sway Braces
  • Rocker Shoes, Gussete Plates
  • Structural Components
  • Expansion Joints

Thermal Spray Applications

Thermal Spray Process

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. thermal spray processes include robotically controlled high energy combustion and twin arc systems to produce high quality metalized coatings for increased component life.

Typical Thermal Spray Coatings

  • Aluminum for the prevention of saltwater corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, corrosion-under-insulation (CUI),  corrosion-under-fireproofing (CUFP) and high temperature sulfur resistance.
  • Monel for corrosion resistance in down hole applications
  • Stainless Steels for a variety of corrosive environments
  • Hastelloy materials for exceptional corrosion and erosion resistance in H2S, CO2 and Chloride Environments
  • Hastelloy and Stainless Steel for hydrogen blistering resistance
  • Tungsten Carbide for severe abrasion and erosion resistance
  • Zinc for atmospheric corrosion

Thermal Spray firetube PPC specialized

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