Canadian Oilfield Pipeline Coating Inspection Consulting

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. utilizes the latest analytical techniques and technologies to inspect applied corrosion resistant coatings in the field or shop environments.

Oilfield Pipeline Inspection Qualifications

  • NACE CIP Coating Inspection Services for plant, shop and field environments
  • Member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Edmonton Section

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. provides Pipeline Coating Inspection Services.

We provide detailed inspection and reporting for all protective/corrosion prevention coatings in industrial applications. Our Crew Foreman and Inspectors are NACE certified to ensure the highest level of quality control possible, and are supported by Project Managers and Technical Staff with over 20 years experience in the coating/painting industry.

We strive to lead the oil and gas industry in Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management systems (PCIM) and Regulatory Compliance Services (RCS).

Industrial Coatings

PPC Experience

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) offers inspection services in western Canada, and is a leader in safety, quality and productivity standards in our industry. We strive to lead the oil and gas industry in the development of Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management systems (PCIM) as well as Regulatory Compliance Services (RCS).

Spray Grade application

PPC Quality

We provide qualified service technicians to perform a complete pipeline coating and integrity inspections on site.

Polymer coating

Latest Technology

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. continues to invest in the latest technology for measurement, recording and reporting related to Inspections. We utilize the latest in pipeline analysis techniques and visual characteristics to aid in the investigation and determination of internal/external pipeline integrity. We provide customized detailed pipeline integrity data and reporting for our clients.

PPC’s Coating Inspection Services

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is a NACE certified coating applicator, providing Shop and Field coating inspection services.

Our services include, but are not limited to;

  • Review of client specifications and development of the Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Provision of qualified and experienced NACE Inspector(s)
  • Review of applicator experience logs
  • Inspection of applicator equipment to ensure that it meets client specifications and is operated according to the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions including 24/7 data logging to ensure compliance with applicable specifications
  • Review of client approved products list to ensure only approved products are being used
  • Inspection of blast quality/profile
  • Identification and testing of abrasive type, size and quality
  • Completion of compressed air blotter test(s) per client requirements
  • Witness and monitor proper mixing of applied materials
  • Perform wet and dry film thickness testing as specified
  • Complete inspection of applied product, including visual inspection, low and high voltage holiday testing, adhesion testing and proof of cure as specified/required
  • Reporting and completion of documentation packages
Paragon Pipeline coating inspection

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