CSA-Z245.30 Compliance

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is a Canadian Pipeline Industry approved vendor applicator in line with CSA Z245.30 requirements.

Application, Inspection & Testing

Field-applied external coatings for steel pipeline systems competency requirements, inspection and testing requirements.

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. complies with and exceeds CSA Z245.30 standards for surface preparation, coating application, and in-field quality control inspection.

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is committed to meeting our client’s quality objectives and expectations.In line with this, we have integrated CSA-Z245.30- requirements in our quality management systems and processes and have exhibited compliance as per the following:

  • Obtain and utilize MQAP’s in line with this standard
  • Provide applicator training and complete applicator qualification reviews specific to MQAP requirements
  • Review applicator logs for experience appropriate to each application
  • Provide and train our applicators on the completion of applicator record logs
  • Produce certificates in line with applicator training and qualification
  • Provide to the project qualified, competent applicators and associated personnel
  • Provide ITP’s noting key requirements of this standard
  • Obtain and maintain PPC material vendor certifications
  • Apply and inspect coatings as per the requirements of this standard, the MQAP, NACE and other accepted industry standard practices

Qualified Materials

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is an approved vendor applicator for the following below grade coating materials in line with CSA Z245.30 requirements.

Denso Protal Coatings

Denso products are widely specified in the Canadian Pipeline industry. Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) has extensive experience installing Denso Products. PPC is a Certified Applicator of the following Denso Protal Coatings:

  • Denso Protal 7125 – Fast cure, low temperature pipeline coating – winter grade
  • Denso Protal 7200 – A VOC free, 100% solids, 2 part epoxy coating specially formulated to compliment FBE coated pipe. In Canada it is a high build liquid coating that is brush applied
  • Denso MB50 Tape System – All Purpose Polyolefin Fabric/Bitumen Pipeline Tape
  • Denso WB Tape System – Hi-tack petrolatum tape with polymer backing
  • Denso Hotline Tape System – High temperature petrolatum tape
  • Denso LT Tape System – Low temperature petrolatum tape
  • Densopol 60/60HT Tape System – Heavy duty PVC/Bitumen fabric reinforced tape
Paragon Pipeline coating inspection

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Specialty Polymer Coatings (SPC) Inc.

PPC is an approved applicator of the following SPC products:

  • SP-2888 R.G. – Spray Grade application and Brush Grade application
  • SP-2831 Low Temperature Cure Coating – Spray Grade application
  • SP-2831 Low Temperature Cure Coating – Brush Grade application


Approved installer of WrapidShrink™ Heat Shrink Systems and associated repair products. These heat shrink products are installed at field welds on “Yellow Jacketed” pipe and other installations utilizing a wrap for below grade protection of installed equipment. Specifically our applicators are qualified to install the following products:

  • Canusa K-60 Wraparound Sleeves
  • XCS Extreme Condition System
  • Canusa Repair products – Coating Repair Patch (CRP), Melt Sticks (MS1F) and G Primer
  • HBE 95

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