Pipeline Integrity Digs

Pipeline coatings are an integral component of Pipeline Integrity. Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd.‘s high quality coating installations and repairs contribute to safe and environmentally friendly pipeline operations.

PPC Safety and Service

We are committed to executing our work with a target of zero harm,  and are respected for our professionalism and proficiency for completing projects safely, on time and on budget. 

Proactive Pipeline Maintenance

Integrity Digs are a key component of a proactive pipeline maintenance program. Ongoing pipeline maintenance ensures pipelines operate reliably and is essential for safe pipeline operations – protecting the environment and public safety.

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. specializes in completing mainline Pipeline Integrity Digs.

  • Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) has industry recognized expertise installing below grade, 100% solids, plural component coatings
  • Our applicators are trained and certified for the below grade, sprayed or hand applied coating products
  • We are vendor approved trainers for the application of several below grade coating systems
  • PPC is also third party trained and certified on the application of various wrapping systems commonly used on smaller diameter pipelines
  • We consistently exhibit MQAP compliance in line with CSA Z245.30
  • Our field supervisors are all NACE certified inspectors. They have also received third party and in-house supervisor safety training which meets industry safety training requirements
  • PPC has many mobile coating units (including VersaCoat) and is fully equipped to spray install plural component coatings in the field
  • Our fleet of mobile blasting equipment of varying sizes allows us to supply the right size and configuration of blasting equipment to suit the work

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The Paragon Protective Coatings Ltd. office/shop is conveniently located on Edmonton’s east side, west of the Anthony Henday and just south of the Sherwood Park FWY.