Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Weld Overlays

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is a leading North American provider of automated Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Weld Overlays

Robotic Welding

PPC utilizes multi-axis robot systems for its PTA and MIG welding processes; offering the ultimate in quality and productivity. Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is the only local shop that can offer this level of automation to fabricate and hard surface components.

Highest quality weld overlay/hardfacing deposits available in the market.

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) Ltd. is a leading North American provider of automated weld overlay services to the oil sands, mining, manufacturing and oil & gas industries.

PPC’s has chosen PTAW as our primary overlay process because it offers the following advantages over “standard” welding processes;

  • high alloy deposition rates,
  • minimal base metal dilution and HAZ,
  • homogeneous and porosity free overlays,
  • ID capabilities,
  • high tolerance thickness control,
  • excellent reproducibility for long production runs and,
  • alloys available for corrosion, erosion (wear) or corrosion-erosion applications.

The PTAW process is characterized by a high-density plasma column, created from the ionization of an inert gas passing through an electric arc formed between a tungsten electrode and the anode in the welding torch. The plasma column exits the welding torch, and acts as a conduit for the second electric arc (the transferred arc) to travel between the torch and the base metal. The transferred arc is controlled to increase/decrease the energy of the welding process (allowing for melting of the base metal and overlay material).

The overlay material, in powder form, is continuously fed onto the work piece through the torch/plasma arc.

The PTA process must be automated; PPC uses multiple integrated robots to not only manage the PTA process (parameters and torch position), but to also manipulate the component being welded.

The combined properties of a highly controlled welding process, and very high-quality weld overlays makes PTA ideally suited to the most severe forms of abrasion and/or corrosion for your expensive or critical process components.

Our in-house technical staff, and unique supply chain agreements allows us to rapidly customize a PTA material to suit your specific application needs.

PPC Weld Overlay

Robotic Weld Overlay

PPC utilizes a multi-axis robot system for its overlay welding processes. This capability offers the ultimate in quality and productivity. We are the only local shop that can offer this level of automation to fabricate and hard surface components.

Paragon Robotic Weld Overlay Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering

Paragon offers a wide variety of overlay alloys designed to suite practically any application. Our robotic overlay system is a precise, high energy, inert gas welding process offering optimal performance and accuracy in application as small as 2.25 inches in diameter.

Pagaon FusionClad PPC Edmonton Shop

Our Shop

Our expanded shop facilities are conveniently located just off Sherwood Park Freeway and Anthony Henday – close to many Edmonton and Strathcona County fabrication and modularization facilities.

Typical Corrosion and Abrasion Solutions

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Typical Applications

Oil & Gas: Down-hole Oil Field Tools, Centralizers, Stabilizers, Couplings, Drill Bits, Drill Collars, Sleeve and Chokes.
Mining: Ground Engaging Tools, Sizing Screens, Impact Screens, Chute Liners, Wear Plates, Impact Hammers, Crusher Components, Grader Blades and Piping Components
manufacture valve
Manufacturing: Feed Screws, Extrusion Screws, Centrifuge Components, Valve Components, Pump Components, Thermowells and Nozzles.

Types of Overlays Available:

  • Macro (Mono) Crystalline Tungsten Carbide containing Alloys
  • Cast and Crushed Tungsten Carbide containing Alloys
  • Chrome-containing, and Chrome-free Ni/Si/B Matrix Alloys
  • Matrix Alloy Hardness 30-65 HRc
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys (Stainless Steel, Inconel®, Stellite®, Hastelloy®)
Paragon Fusionclad PPC weld overlay down hole

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Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Weld Overlay 

PTA weld overlay in action at our Edmonton Paragon FusionClad shop near Sherwood Park & Anthony Henday

PTA Weld Overlay

The PTA process utilizes state of the art robotically controlled welding technology to produce the ultimate in impact, wear and corrosion resistant coatings. 

Robotic Weld overlay - crusher composite

Tungsten Carbide Overlay

Paragon Protective Coatings (PPC) shop robotically applied Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay making tips and adapters sharper and last longer. 

example of robotic PTA weld overlay at Paragon FusionClad PPC Edmonton

Metallurgical Bond

PTA Technology produces a Metallurgical Bond that is particularly effective against corrosion erosion, abrasion, impact and thermal shock.

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